The Way I Am


I’m a Texas-based blogger/writer who enjoys writing, talking, and reading about all things fiction, poetry, politics, philosophy and the South.

When it comes to current affairs, I particularly enjoy conversing about said topics through the lenses of history, context, experience, and practical wisdom in order to better analyze and understand the world. And when it comes to fiction and poetry, well, as you’ll quickly see I’m kinda all over the place – but variety is the spice of life, ain’t it?

Born and raised in the Texas country, I graduated from Texas A&M with a BA in History in 2010. Since then, I’ve continuously written creative fiction, ran a men’s interest blog in 2015/16, and began blogging/writing in 2019. Find me sitting on a front porch somewhere listening to the crickets and the frogs, or sojourning through local dives and hidden bookstores with my beautiful, top-shelf wife.

I believe in getting action, living simply, and living a life fulfilled. I also believe in helping others do the same, so come on in.

Actio Non Verba