Back to Normal

I was on the phone a couple of weeks ago with my mom talking about how we were just waiting for things to go back to normal. As soon as I said it, it felt weird.


What’s that going to look like as gears start turning again?

Now, I like normal. The Bilbo Baggins side of me would love for nothing to ever change and to have no new adventures show up at the doorstep. But I started thinking about returning to normal – returning to how it was before this pandemic started. And the conclusion I came to is that normal is the exact opposite of what we should be steering towards.

If there’s one thing this virus has done, it’s make glaringly obvious the shortcomings in the United Status. A leaderless administration, a Congress that showed up a day late and a dollar short, a broken healthcare system, little national unity, struggling social nets for unemployment – the list goes on. These issues didn’t just appear with the virus – they were here already. This was our normal. Why should we go back to that?

There’s plenty of people who benefit from us going back to the way things were. The government, the corporations, the billionaires – the keepers of the status quo. There’s a reason we’re being pushed so hard to get back to work and back with our lives. Those wheels that benefit everyone but us got to keep on turning.

So I expect the government, companies and media to be pushing getting back to normal as hard as they can, because they don’t want us to sit and think about all of these problems. Problems that have killed people and led to greater hardships than what was necessary. Because thinking leads to action and action leads to change, and we can’t have that.

After thinking about it, I don’t want to go back to the way things were. I want to go forward to a place where we can fix these serious ailments that hinder this country. I want a new normal.



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