Every So Often Links #7 | Candid Cameras and Quarantine Characters

Hope you’ve been doing well as things start to creep back to a familiar level of normal. I just have a couple quick links today – nothing about COVID-19, but hopefully things to make you smile or at least take your mind of everything for a few minutes.

In our first video, we go back to 1965 in the Candid Camera days. Schoolkids get to meet who they think are their new attractive teachers, and the results are so innocent and adorable.

What’s the worst episode of your favorite TV show? Bo McCready created this infographic showing popular television shows with their IMDB ratings through the seasons (there’s also a drop-down at the bottom with other shows). It’s cool to see how consistent a lot of shows are and then sporadic ones like Black Mirror. Also, Game of Thrones – what happened to you 😬?

The game we never knew we needed by Jeff Cole.

Which quarantine character are you? I’m juggling young professional who shops at GAP with college kid who won’t go outside for 3 days.


Creating your quarantine character😷😂 #fyp #viral #fun

♬ Choose Your Character – alextattoo

One last video of an octopus dreaming. Beautiful, isn’t it? It reminds me of a wonderful Wendell Berry quote: Outdoors we are confronted everywhere with wonders; we see that the miraculous is not extraordinary, but the common mode of existence.

Stay safe out there.

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

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