A Winter’s Drive Home

I stuck my hands in my coat pockets as I left the town hall. The air felt freezing and the sun had been gone for a while. A light snow fell and there was no wind, so the snowflakes dropped straight down.

By this time the town had gone to sleep and the streets were empty except for the few people leaving with me. They shared small chatter and laughter as they walked out onto the street.

I waved goodnight to a few of them and walked across the street to my car. It was parked under a street lamp and I saw glimpses of snow as they feel into its light.

I hopped into my car and cranked the engine a few times before it started. It never liked the cold. As the engine warmed up, I tuned the radio. Static and brief music filled my car until I got to the town’s station. They were playing Christmas music and Bing Crosby was singing “Silent Night”.

Once the engine was warm, I backed out onto the street and drove down until I took a right on Main Street. As I passed the neighborhoods, I could see houses strung with lights that lit up the trees and bushes in the front yards. Over the store fronts, the courthouse stood tall and was covered from top to bottom with sparkling lights.

The snow had stopped as I reached the edge of town. There was no one else on the road and the only light came from my headlights and the glow of the dashboard. “The Christmas Song” played as I looked out over the bare fields covered by the night.

I drove and listened to the music in the quiet without a thought in my mind.

I finally reached home and pulled into the driveway. In the front windows, I could see a woman and small kids silhouetted by a large Christmas tree and waiting for my return. I parked the car and turned it off. The car door creaked as I got out. I walked to the front door lit by a porch light and went inside to those who waited.



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