Will Trump Leave?

I’ve been hearing more and more stories speculating what will happen if Trump is impeached or if he loses the 2020 election. Will he leave the Office? Will he leave it peacefully?

I have quite a hard time imagining a scenario where Trump just stays in Office though. Here is how I see it playing out whether impeached or voted out:

Trump says, “I’m not leaving and you can’t make me.” The Secret Service walks into his office, picks him up by the breeches and tosses him out on the White House lawn.

The Secret Service is not Trump’s Minion Corps and I can only see them accepting whatever impeachment or election end that comes to pass. Along with a good number of other federal workers. As much as Trump would like or always seems to think so, they don’t personally work for him.

But I think those who say Trump won’t leave the White House are right, just not in the way they mean.

Even if Trump leaves the White House now or later, his actions won’t. His Supreme Court picks won’t. His federal judge picks won’t. His tearing apart from every alliance we seemed to make over the past 70 years won’t. His refusal to do anything towards climate change because he got cold outside once won’t. His emboldening of white supremacists won’t.

Let’s keep going.

His contributions to making politics a name-calling, feces-flinging contest won’t. His horrific policies against immigrants won’t. His trade war that no one wanted or needed and its economic consequences won’t. His churning of his base with pure fear and anger won’t. His divisive language that only served to wedge Americans further apart won’t. His one after another scandals that make my palm go further into my face each passing day won’t.

All of these things will stay right in the Oval Office, and they’ll continue to affect the US long after Trump is gone. Some of these actions will take generations to amend, if they can be amended at all. So while I greatly look forward to the man leaving the White House for the last time, what he’s done is not leaving with him.

What Trump has done to the Office and country isn’t going to reset when he walks out of the door, and the consequences of his actions could be around for an extremely long time. They just might be right in saying Trump will never leave the White House.



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