I’ve Come to Expect It From You

When I heard the reports of Trump pressuring the Ukraine president to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter last July, I can’t really say I was shocked. I can’t really say anything Trump does “shocks” me anymore. Maybe it’s more of in the words of King George: “I’ve come to expect it from you.”

From what I’ve read in the Wall Street Journal’s story, it appears Trump asked (multiple times in fact) President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate when Biden was Vice President and he urged Ukraine to oust corruption in their ranks. Among those Biden urged to oust was former prosecutor general Viktor Shokin, who had investigated Burisma Group, a Ukrainian gas company which had Hunter as a board member. (Short side note here that Ukraine’s at the time prosecutor general, Yuriy Lutsenko, said he saw no foul play between the two)

I had a feeling this kind of stuff would start happening when Robert Mueller’s hearing happened. If you remember back in July (yes, the same month as Trump doing his thing with the President of Ukraine), here’s a recap of the part I’m talking about:

During Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee… Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) asked Mueller if he could indict the president on obstruction charges.

The former special counsel’s answer was simple: “Yes.”

I love brevity. And also:

Mueller’s position is that he didn’t consider indicting Trump solely because of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) ruling saying sitting presidents can’t be indicted. But Trump won’t be president forever, and Mueller’s view is that once Trump is out of office, prosecutors could charge him with obstruction if they believe the facts laid out in the report warrant it.

So, that was pretty clear cut – if Trump wasn’t President, he could have been indicted. Which means possibly the only thing keeping Trump from three hots and a cot is the fact that he’s in office.

And this made me think – out of all the things Trump has done so far, just imagine what he’ll do if he believes the Office is the only thing keeping him out of prison. How far do you think he’ll go to save his hide?

Trump already has a long history of really only caring about himself and it doesn’t look like the experience of the highest office in the land has changed that. I wouldn’t put it past Trump for a second to break every law this land has if it means saving himself.

That’s why the Ukraine-Trump stuff didn’t really surprise me. Biden is still the front runner of the Democratic candidates, so he sits as the biggest threat to Trump’s presidency at the moment. So naturally, Trump has to knock Biden down a few pegs, and he goes over to Ukraine and asks (some say more like strong arms) for them to investigate possible dirt on Biden and his son.

Let’s take a moment to remember that it is 100% illegal to solicit anything of value from a foreign entity during a US federal election, but the Senate is dead and so is Presidential oversight. Trump can get away with it, and he knows it, you know it, I know it, the guy driving the bus knows it – so why not?

I see this whole Ukraine debacle as just the start. I had a feeling the 2020 campaign was going to be nasty, but it looks like the machine is starting up early. I don’t know for a fact if Trump thinks the Office is keeping him from lawsuits and jail time. Honestly, I don’t think he thinks about much – more like if one of his lackeys told him that.

But if he does, expect Trump to go further than this. Nothing really has been done so far to punish him, so why should he stop? Especially if he thinks he’s cornered. Trump would and will throw this country under the bus to save himself and I hope this country knows that.



Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

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