Christmas Eve

I remember the night so well.

My friend was having a party at his apartment in the city. I remember the warmness of the place. The season’s cheer filling the entire apartment. The gentle fire crackling in the fireplace. Red stockings and green garlands strung over it. A neat little Christmas tree in the corner, decorated with white lights and ribbon and ornaments. Snacks and other little decorations scattered around the living room. I remember the sounds of Dean Martin singing “Let it Snow!” playing throughout the apartment. The tastes of various whiskeys and wines everyone had brought that my friend kept insisting me to try. The soft laughter coming from the kitchen. Everyone was dressed for the occasion. Men wearing their sports jackets and sweaters of various colors. The ladies wearing simple but pretty cocktail dresses. I remember standing out on the balcony overlooking the city. The cold air whisking by, the sounds of the city filling the streets as everyone made their ways to their families and friends. I remember the night so well.

It was the night I met you.



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