Andrew Yang is Right in His Closing Statement

In last night’s CNN Democratic Presidential Debate, Andrew Yang made a hell of a closing statement, which you can watch below. After watching it myself, I think Andrew hit the nail on the head.

America has a real problem with turning politics into a sporting match, which comes with a whole bunch of problems. And the media certainly isn’t helping. Like Andrew said, Big Media is far less concerned with the issues, and more concerned with the “performance” of each candidate and who “won the night”.

Turning these debates into playoff matches only serves to take attention away from the actual problems this country faces. Asking candidates to respond to the mean things another candidate said about them serve no other purpose than to generate clicks and views for the media.

And big shock that money is the root of all this! The flashiness, the drama, the head-to-head matches – they draw people in and generate that sweet, sweet revenue. It seems far less likely to me that CNN and the like are actually concerned with America’s issues than they are at making their cut.

Like Andrew said, we’ve replaced actual debate for political theater. We’ve replaced well-thought arguments with 30-second soundbite responses. Discord is more TV worthy than the numbers, so expect this reality-TV show style politics to continue. Until we return politics to reality, it will keep on being reality TV.



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